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Mobile computing Defined

Mobile computing can be defined as a human-computer interaction that enables transmission of voice, video and data. It comprises of mobile communication, mobile hardware, and mobile software.

Concept of Mobile Computing

Mobile computing works based on these three concepts- 1. Mobile communication. 2. Mobile Hardware and 3. Mobile Software. Below we have described all three concepts of mobile computing in an elaborative way.

Mobile communication

Mobile communication represents the infrastructure insured in the wireless device that corroborates seamless and reliable communication. This is inclusive of services, protocols, bandwidth and portals required for rendering services. It also defines the data format and prevents collision among other systems that deliver similar services. Mobile communication is made possible with radio-wave oriented infrastructure where signals are transmitted across the air to the recipient devices adept at receiving and sending similar signals.

Mobile Hardware

Mobile Hardware refers to device components or mobile devices that employ and deploys the service of mobility. It includes smartphones, tablet Pc’s,  portable laptops and Personal Digital Assistants. A receptor medium designed to sense and receive signals are installed in these devices. Configured to operate in full duplex, signals can be sent and received simultaneously. Mobile Hardware operates on the wireless network.

Mobile Software

Mobile software is responsible for the operation of the device. It can be understood as the engine of the device. It handles the features and necessities of the mobile device. It can also be called as the operating system of the gadget. Due to its emphasis on portability, users are not entitled to one geographical location but can operate the device from any place. Mobile Software encompasses all facilities of wireless communications enabling mobile computing.

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