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Mobile Development is one of the most intriguing areas of software development. It gives a unique opportunity for a developer to build an actual, usable, meaningful application in a relatively short period of time. The mobile development represents a great entrepreneurial opportunity for most of the programmers. A software developer who lacks the knowledge of building web or desktop application by themselves can build mobile application more easily now as it is expected to be the small and singular purpose.

Even an old gaming application developed with humongous code can be simpler to transform into a mobile application. Retro-style games from an 8-bit and 16-bit era that are not accepted much by users can be widely acknowledged as a mobile application on other platforms like a mobile or tablet.

Arguably, mobile development is the future of software development. As mobile devices are becoming an essential part of daily life activities, so the need for mobile development is increasing. It represents more than just an opportunity for a solo-developer to develop their project.

Major Technologies for Mobile Development:

Mobile development encompasses developing applications for phones, smart devices, smartwatches and other smart devices which run mobile operating systems. Mobile development is not only about developing mobile applications, but rather includes how an application is accessed and used on a mobile device.

Majority of the applications are developed exclusively for mobile devices but entirely as a web application. This can set a new trend in future as mobile devices become more and more powerful, and the browser plays an even more dominant role as an operating system of future.

Presently, iOS and Android are the two main contenders that are dominating the technology world.


iOS is a well-known mobile development platform in the modern age that is completely transforming the idea of mobile devices and software. iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple, Inc. and it runs only on their proprietary Apple products like iPhones, iPods, iPads, Apple watches and Apple TVs.

Applications developed on iOS platform works fluidly on an iPhone, providing great user experience, which is an essential thing required for any business. A company’s main intention behind investing in a new application development is to drive better customer service. The more enjoyable an app, the better would be the customer’s relationship with the company. A good user interface and features can make company’s app more attractive for customers, alongside boosting their sales.


Android is another dominant player in mobile development space. Maybe Android entered a little late in the game, almost a year later than iOS, but it has gained a huge popularity and market share. Android is a most widely used mobile operating system released and developed by Google, designed especially for touchscreen devices like tablets, and smartphones.

The main difference between Android and iOS is a bit deceiving, because Android is quite fragmented, spanning across multiple devices that are manufactured by different manufacturers, running different versions of Android operating systems. On the other hand, Android is released under open source license whereas iOS is not an open source technology. So, this happens to be a huge differentiating factor which makes Android a most widely used operating system than iOS.

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