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A Mobile Virtual Network Operator or MVNO offers wireless communication services after obtaining the rights to access networks from a Mobile Network Operator (MNO).

A simplified description of an MVNO is an enterprise which acquires, or rather buys,  a wireless mobile network bandwidth from an MNO and then sells it to its own customers. The San Francisco based 'CREDO Mobile' and 'Boost Mobile', headquartered in Sydney, Australia, are two popular Mobile Virtual Network Operators. 'T-Mobile', 'At&T' and 'Verizon' are a few mobile network operators whose services have been in demand among leading MVNOs. While 'CREDO Mobile' collaborates with 'Verizon Wireless', a renowned MNO, 'Boost Mobile' is a reseller of the US based 'Sprint' corporation's services.

When should an MVNO invest in technology?

White Paper By: Computaris

Depending on the category to which an MVNO belongs to, according to this paper, the MVNO will have some priorities before choosing the most suitable technology to their business needs.Obtaining market intelligence and shaping a strong marketing strategy should have the highest priority for any MVNO. This whitepaper highlights various approaches that MVNOs should look at before investing...

VirtualPBX: VoIP clear fix service overview

White Paper By: VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX’s VoIP Clear Fix Service is the culmination of decades of experience building and servicing every component of VoIP platforms, and is the industry’s first and only brand-agnostic VoIP remediation service. VoIP Clear Fix Service keeps your network up and running by continually checking the health of all connected links and routing traffic around inactive or intermittent...

Mobility Management and Cost Reduction with MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service)

White Paper By: Intratem

In Mobility Management, Mobility-as-a-Service means total control over devices and user patterns while reducing costs by adopting standards and procedures for effectively managing your wireless service and expenses. Mobility-as-a-Service goes beyond software tools to help you organize your workforce. Mobility management along with Mobility-as-a-Service simplifies mobility rollouts...

The Business of Mobile Collaboration

White Paper By: Plantronics

Making mobile collaboration a part of your work culture is not just something that is possible with mobile technology, but also integral to the way people feel they should work with one another. Today, more and more companies are embracing mobile technology as an essential workforce asset. Mobile technology gives individuals the ability to efficiently work by themselves or with one another,...

Managing the safety, health and security of mobile workers: An occupational safety and health practitioner’s guide

White Paper By: The International SOS Foundation and IOSH

Ensuring health and security of workers are complex and ever-evolving subjects, encompassing medical, legal, security, business continuity, financial and reputational considerations. There is a need to have clear organizational policies and strategies in place as well as competent individuals to manage the travel security, health and safety for all travelers with a view to reducing risks and...

Quantifying The ROI Of Mobile Marketing

White Paper By: Swrve

Today’s CMO needs to be absolutely sure that the decisions they make are right for the business, and that the resources allocated to mobile are delivering ROI - and more ROI than they would elsewhere. Creating personal, relevant and meaningful interactions within the mobile app- ‘mobile moments’ as they are sometimes called - is the new challenge in marketing. This...

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