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Online publication, in words, means the digital publication of e-books or digital magazines and as a result develops the domain of digital libraries. It is also becoming quite common to distribute books or magazines or newspapers to readers through tablet like reading devices and this market is growing by millions each year. The online dealers like Apple iTunes bookstore, Amazon bookstore and Google bookstore are taking this business to a new horizon. Apart from these we have a flurry of magazines that are contributing to the domain regularly. Electronic publishing of scientific and academic journals have become so common that the peer reviewed journals are becoming extinct day by day. Market Researches have shown that almost half of the magazine and news paper circulation is via digital delivery in the era.

Process of Online Publishing

The online publishing process is not much different from the traditional paper-based publishing process except that the online publishing does not need any offset printing press to print out the products and secondly it does not need the distribution of a physical product like paper book or news paper. The electronic contents can be distributed through digital bookstores or platforms where users can read the material via electronic devices like a desktop, laptop, tablet computer, smart phone or e-readable tablets like kindle.

The mediums of content distribution

Software application or apps became popular as the medium of content distribution since 2010 due to the rapid outbreak of smartphones or tablets.  The benefits of online publishing generally come from three features of technology- XML tags to define the main content, secondly the style sheets that determines the look of the content and lastly the metadata that describes the content for search engines. As a result of these three, any user can find the content easily.  Also, as the online publishing requires a specific kind of technical language (like HyperText Markup Language or HTML) for the development of online processes, the traditional typesetting and book designing roles have also transformed.  Now an Online content designer must have good knowledge of computer languages, devices and contents that a reader will see online.


Around the 2000s, the existing copyrights were being redesigned as there were previous limits set for how much of a book can be reproduced or copied mechanically. Since online publishing, unlike the traditional publishing, involves more than one author at a time and relatively more contents, it is also vulnerable towards plagiarism and unauthorized use of materials. Hence, the publishing houses need to be more careful about these contents and take security necessary measures.


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