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An open source CRM solution relates to a CRM system which employs open source programs, in which the source code is available for public use and can be altered from its original design free of charge. Open CRM gives businesses control over the CRM solution and can further develop the open source CRM software to meet its own business goals.

Types of CRM


It is the most well-known open source CRM system. It is also the foundation for numerous other CRMs including SuiteCRM and Vtiger. SugarCRM provides business requirements including customer, lead, and bond management; reporting and analytics; portable support; and a set of advertising tools.

SugarCRM is offered in two versions—a community edition and a hosted version. The hosted version is a paid version, and is accessible in three packages. Individual users can also download thecommunity edition and install it on their own servers. The community edition requires a number of features of the hosted version, but is definitely useful for smaller businesses.


Vtiger is based on SugarCRM in various ways but is not a feature-to-feature replica. It has the entire foundation functions, one may find in SugarCRM, but lacks assignment supervision, association, and third-party combination features. Like the community edition of SugarCRM, Vtiger packs the features required by smaller businesses and is extensible via add-ons.

Fat-Free CRM

Fat Free CRM is the smallest functional system. It does not compete with SugarCRM or Vtiger, but is probably ample for smaller businesses and other organizations.

But Fat Free CRM has one of the most attractive and easy to use interfaces of any CRM. Also, a number of plug-ins are available for Fat Free CRM—and developers already working with  Fat Free CRM can write their own plugins. Fat Free CRM does not have a hosted version, so organizations can either try using the online demo or they need to install it on their own servers.


The combination of CRM with gamification yields Zurmo. It consists of features that business organizations expect from a CRM system like deal tracking, mobile capabilities, contact management, mobile and reporting capabilities. Zurmo developers leverage game mechanics to reward the individual’s system usage and promote skilled behavior. Zurmo presents an online demo as well as a free tryout of the hosted version. The source code is also available.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a good strategy for the company to implement because it will make the company understand their potential and existing customer, in order to customize products that suit them and enhance customer loyalty thus companies leveraging CRM, can build long-term profitability with customers. It will save users’ time by eliminating the manual process of generating and occupying a phone call activity record. It also increases competence by artificially finding and opening the correct contact, account, case or lead record. 

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