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Open source technology Definition

Open source technology refers to the production and development principle that enables users and developers use software with the advantage of being able to see the source code as well as modify it. The term open source is commonly misunderstood for something free. While some of the open source software may be free, many do require a license to use it. It also comes with a copyright which ensures that the person modifying the software cannot take ownership of the software itself.

One of the most significant examples of an open source software technology is that of Linux. While initially, the idea of being open source was to let programmers help each other and learn as well. With the industry turning out to be more commercialized and competitive, the idea of having open software became debated upon.  

People show a preference to open source software for various reasons. Some of the reasons are:

  • Security – when certain open source software is being used, the programmer can spot and fix an issue that may have been missed or omitted by an author of the program. Instead of waiting for permission from the original author, multiple programmers can have program fixed, updated and upgraded.

  • Learning – with more and more experience in programming, programmers feel their skills amplifying. Open source software gives a platform for growing programmers to experiment and learn using the software. Also, in the process of working on the source code, the learners can share the code for feedback from fellow programmers.

Power – people prefer that they have power and control over the software and ensure that it does what they want it to do and not anything apart from that. This way, they can tailor a program to suit the needs to perfection.  

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