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OpenStack Technology Definition

Mostly deployed as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas), OpenStack technology is an open source platform. This open-source platform is for cloud computing, where various resources and virtual servers are made available to the customers. This software platform is composed of various components that are interrelated—these components controlling diverse, multiple vendor hardware pools of processing, networking resources and storage all through data centers.

Embracing a modular architecture, OpenStack provides core services that smoothes the progress of elasticity and scalability as the core design code of belief. Here are a few components that comprise the OpenStack and their functions.

Compute (codename – Nova) is a fabric controller for cloud computing. It forms an integral part of the Iaas platform.  It acts as a system controller and allows the provisioning and management of virtual machines. This is done using the disk images that are available on OpenStack.

Networking (codename – Neutron) is a system that manages networks and IP addresses.  Networking guarantees the network does not limit a cloud deployment, thus, providing users the ability to go self-service. It enables connectivity between virtual machines through virtual networks.

Block storage (codename – Cinder) functions as storage modules of OpenStack. Like an external storage device, by characteristics and also have very low latency. It provides permanent storage to the functioning virtual machines and which can be easily plugged or unplugged.

Authentication (codename – Keystone) authenticates the identities of users which enables them to use the services of OpenStack.

Image service (codename – Glance) allows the detection, recording, and delivery service for disks and server images. It allows the disk image storage and recovery. These images may be used by OpenStack for computing service when provisioning the virtual machines.

Other major components of OpenStack technologies are

  • Object storage (Swift)

  • Dashboard (Horizon)

  • Orchestration (Heat)

  • Workflow (Mistral)

  • Telemetry (Ceilometer)

  • Database (Trove)

  • Messaging  (Zaqar)

  • DNS (Designate)

  • Key manager (Barbican) 


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