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OpenStack Definition

OpenStack is a range of software tools for creating and administering cloud computing platforms for private and public clouds. OpenStack is believed to be the future of cloud computing by a host of software development companies. The OpenStack foundation has been running OpenStack; the foundation is a non-profit that takes care of the development and community growth around the OpenStack project.

OpenStack enables its users to deploy virtual machines and other instances that engage varied tasks for managing the cloud environment while it’s in progress. Horizontal scaling is considered to be an easy process in OpenStack, because the tasks benefitting from running concurrently can serve more or fewer users while in progress with complete ease, simply by spinning up more instances.

The most astonishing of all is the fact that it is open source, meaning that anybody and anyone who wishes to can access the source code and make the necessary modifications according to their understanding and without any trouble share the changes back out to the software development community at large. This also is an eye opener to the community that, the software has the advantage of millions of developers worldwide working together in unison to create and develop the most powerful and secure cloud computing product that they wish to see.

The cloud computing industry has made three divisions about running different items “as a service”, software, platforms, and infrastructure being the three. OpenStack is recognized as IaaS. The capability of OpenStack to let its users, to directly add a new instance, upon which other cloud components can run, makes it an infrastructure as a service model. Generally, after which, the infrastructure runs a “platform” using which a developer can create software based applications that are finally distributed to the end users.




CINDER DRIVER: Block Storage service for OpenStack

White Paper By: FalconStor

Cinder is a Block Storage service for OpenStack. It’s designed to present storage resources to end users that can be consumed by the OpenStack Compute Project (Nova). Cinder is used to centrally manage a service that provisions storage in the form of block devices knows as Cinder volumes. When the Cinder driver is installed in an OpenStack environment, volumes created on the OpenStack...

Integrating OpenStack with a Comprehensive Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) Solution

White Paper By: Storage Made Easy

OpenStack Swift is becoming the foremost deployed Private Cloud Storage solution in the world. But OpenStack can end up storing a lot of structured documents such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and PDF files. An enterprise grade EFSS solution can help fix complexities by providing audit, security, encryption, back-up and migration capabilities to the files shared in your organization. Read this...

10 Reasons Why You Need a True Self-Service BI Tool

White Paper By: datapine GmbH

Self-service BI(business intelligence) is growing with major shift from IT driven process to self service approach in Business intelligence. Instant insights with self-service reports are demanded by decision makers, as they need right data at the right time to make the right decision. Why are organizations adopting to self-service business intelligence (BI) tools ? What...

The 10 Essential Steps to Open Your Data

White Paper By: OpenDataSoft

OpenDataSoft came up with a smart and innovative approach that boosts the creation of new urban services. Providing deep insight in the potential of Open Data program, benefits of Open Data and Open Data market value. Transforming data into APIs, data visualizations, and real-time monitoring, making it easy for government organizations and business users to publish, share and re-use data with...

Rugged Hyperconverged Infrastructure Brings The Enterprise Cloud To Tactical Environments

White Paper By: Crystal Group

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) has been taking the enterprise world by storm, as they are harnessing the power of HCI, to better manage, provide access to, and protect all this valuable data. To deliver a compact, deployable data center, ruggedized Hyperconverged Infrastructure systems tightly integrate enterprise cloud capabilities with high performance networking, computing, and...

The Forrester Wave: Hybrid Integration For Enterprises, Q4 2016

White Paper By: Software AG

The hybrid integration market is growing because more EA professionals see the broad capabilities and use-case flexibility as a way to address key business challenges. This market growth is in large part due to firms rethinking their integration strategies. To assess the state of the hybrid integration market and see how the vendors stack up against each other, the strengths and weaknesses...

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