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Operational Intelligence Definition

Operational intelligence is a real-time analytics that lets businesses convert huge amounts of data into business knowledge. Data transformed from sources like servers and systems are drawn together into an intelligent action thus ensuring an organized and structured workflow in the organization. Operational intelligence helps in streamlining the work process thus enabling the process of sharing information become more efficient.

Operational intelligence helps in analyzing data in real time providing a platform for analytic insights to make decisions instantaneously. It empowers businesses to run the operations more strategically and securely with an event-centric approach to reducing inefficiency and incompetence in the organization. Due to its real-time monitoring and solution providing analysis, operational intelligence is a relatively new aspect of technology today that offers intelligent analytic solutions.   

Operational Intelligence helps int leveraging live feed data to gain deeper insights thus deploying a technological solution to improve business decisions. By correlating and monitoring live data, operational Intelligence incorporates the security control over complex data across different sources. The real-time analytics also reduces operational risks by detecting threats and patterns by optimizing service level for boosting productivity. It also provides a platform for early warning to ensure stable and streamlined work in the organization.  

The changing technological conditions in the global market with the huge rise in the amount of data is experienced today in every organization. Real-time visibility, continuous insights and timely action of the converted raw data into the actionable knowledge help in leveraging the business operations and customer satisfaction.

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Sales & Operations Planning

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