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Patient monitoring is the observation of a disease, medical condition, and other vital parameters and of a patient over a period of time. It is usually performed by continually measuring certain medical parameters with the use of a device called as medical monitor and also performing medical tests like blood tests and urine tests. A medical monitor usually consists of one or more sensors, processing components, display devices and communication links for displaying or recording the results through a monitoring network.

The development of new techniques is a highly  sophisticated and growing field in smart medicine, predictive medicine, integrative medicine, alternative medicine, preventive medicine that emphasizes on patient monitoring of comprehensive medical data of patients. Patient monitoring is highly essential as it has the ability to keep the condition of a patient’s health in check without letting any disease or ailment to further complicate. Without patients being monitored, the risk of the patient’s condition worsening or even death increases rapidly.

EHR Analytics Drive Improvements in Physician Care, Patient Outcomes

White Paper By: MCIS

Leveraging Electronic Health Records (EHR) System Analytics helps drive safer, more efficient patient care and truly achieve the potential of having all of the patient’s critical health information at the physician and care team’s finger tips. This descriptive whitepaper explains how modern EHR systems deliver greater functionality and drive a better patient and provider...

Accelerating the Improved Patient Journey through Real World Evidence

White Paper By: SHYFT Analytics, Inc.

Why Real World Evidence (RWE) is important to drive improvements in patient outcomes? Real World Evidence (RWE) has long been heralded as a “game changer” for the life sciences industry. Real World Evidence is the term used to describe research findings that use data that is gathered outside of standard clinical trials. This informative whitepaper highlights the...

Internal vs Outsourced Billing Analysis

White Paper By: Group One Health Source

Medical billing has proven to be one of the most complex and crucial components as the recent industry changes have added many challenges and complexities to the business of the medical practice. Aside from clinical services, revenue cycle management is the most important process of a medical practice. The decision to outsource medical billing should not be taken lightly.  This...

Speeding Digital Healthcare Transformation

White Paper By: digitalML

Digital Healthcare Transformation, from EHRs to HIEs to patient portals to mobile apps for doctors, has moved from topics of conversation to everyday experiences for many patients today. Large healthcare firms are continually looking for new ways to drive future growth while managing the cost of care, given the exciting opportunities in Digital Healthcare. This whitepaper explains how the...

Targeted Care Management: An Intelligence-Based Approach to Preventing Readmissions

White Paper By: AxisPoint Health

Hospital readmissions have been under the microscope in recent years as payers and providers seek ways to rein in unnecessary healthcare costs. The optimal solution for it combines a predictive model, proven care management strategies, and embedded nurse case managers. This whitepaper helps in reducing unnecessary readmissions by care management strategies based on the readmission risks....

Value of Clinical and Business Data Analytics for Healthcare Payers

White Paper By: Nous Infosystems

With the increasing need for business data analytics, healthcare payers must plan and implement solutions that make secondary use/re-use of data which is already available in various applications. This whitepaper to get an overview of the different sources of data, that payer systems can consider, advancements in bigdata, the challenges encountered, opportunities presented and listing of...

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