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The preventive health system is a kind of healthcare systems which helps in the process of the steps taken to prevent the disease instead of treatment. This helps you to detect the disease and its causes before it happens. This results in maintaining a healthy and balanced life throughout the life.

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Goal of Preventive Health System

The main goal of the preventive healthcare system is to enable detection of diseases in its primary stages, thereby arresting it and preventing any prognosis. Or in cases of an existing disease, it has been diagnosed to continue maintaining it and preventing further deterioration. As technology improves every day, new developments are constantly coming out to boost up our lifestyle. Technology helps healthcare in information gathering, research, treatments and now communications have given medical providers new tools to work with and fresh ways for best practices in the area of medicine.


Value of Clinical and Business Data Analytics for Healthcare Payers

White Paper By: Nous Infosystems

With the increasing need for business data analytics, healthcare payers must plan and implement solutions that make secondary use/re-use of data which is already available in various applications. This whitepaper to get an overview of the different sources of data, that payer systems can consider, advancements in bigdata, the challenges encountered, opportunities presented and listing of...

Using Technology to Revolutionize the Health Care Industry

White Paper By: GSI Health

In today's healthcare industry, technology is playing an extremely important role. Integrating care coordination and analytics in a single platform is not only more efficient, but also enables providers to deliver more effective care to both patients and populations. Flexible and customizable analysis and reporting for operations and outcomes help allocate resources and...

Managing the safety, health and security of mobile workers: An occupational safety and health practitioner’s guide

White Paper By: The International SOS Foundation and IOSH

Ensuring health and security of workers are complex and ever-evolving subjects, encompassing medical, legal, security, business continuity, financial and reputational considerations. There is a need to have clear organizational policies and strategies in place as well as competent individuals to manage the travel security, health and safety for all travelers with a view to reducing risks and...

Targeted Care Management: An Intelligence-Based Approach to Preventing Readmissions

White Paper By: AxisPoint Health

Hospital readmissions have been under the microscope in recent years as payers and providers seek ways to rein in unnecessary healthcare costs. The optimal solution for it combines a predictive model, proven care management strategies, and embedded nurse case managers. This whitepaper helps in reducing unnecessary readmissions by care management strategies based on the readmission risks....

Speeding Digital Healthcare Transformation

White Paper By: digitalML

Digital Healthcare Transformation, from EHRs to HIEs to patient portals to mobile apps for doctors, has moved from topics of conversation to everyday experiences for many patients today. Large healthcare firms are continually looking for new ways to drive future growth while managing the cost of care, given the exciting opportunities in Digital Healthcare. This whitepaper explains how the...

Continuity of Operations Planning for Healthcare Organizations

White Paper By: LiveProcess

A Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) ranks the essential business functions an organization must perform even in an emergency and then puts in place means for ensuring that they continue. A COOP ensures that the need to plan for both more complex patient care issues and a higher level of community coordination are taken into account for emergency preparedness planning. A COOP also...

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