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Project Scheduling is an integral part of Project Management which helps in the planning and execution of day-to-day tasks in an organized manner. Organizations employ tools for project scheduling, which help in identifying the task to be performed, estimating the resources required for its execution and also defines the timeframe to carry it out.

Some project tools used for tracking the status of projects in large enterprises are Milestone Charts, Gantt Charts and PERT (Project Evaluation and Review Technique). Variants of PERT, such as Critical Path Method (CPM) are also used by many. These project scheduling charts are pictorial representations of the events in a project and time. Thus, project scheduling is quite crucial to achieve milestones in a cost-effective manner.  

The Ultimate Data Preparation Kit

White Paper By: Sisense

Data preparation is quickly gaining stature as one of the most important aspects of today's analytical environments. 80% of the time spent analyzing data is devoted to data preparation. But do you know what it takes to properly prepare your data? This whitepaper covers the 6 crucial steps of preparing data for analysis, and highlights the important things to look out for in every one of...

Business Intelligence - Does Your Organization Need It?

White Paper By: Affirma Consulting

Business Intelligence derived Information and analysis can lead to a tremendous return on investment (ROI) if implemented correctly. You can improve the decision making processes at all levels of management and improve your tactical and strategic management processes with it. Do you have quick access to actionable data? Would you like to increase collaboration and unlock insights from your...

Take Project and Portfolio Management to the Next Level

White Paper By: Advaiya

A common reason projects fail is a lack of visibility over the entire spectrum of the project management process (PMP). Establishing a PMO is recommended to manage multiple projects and programs in collaboration under a centralized hub. By adhering to standardization, project teams can overcome hurdles and ensure that projects succeed. Bringing together data from different line-of-business...

How to Build the Perfect Commercial Real Estate Technology Stack

White Paper By: Integrated Business Systems

A well-integrated technology stack helps streamline routine management tasks and also greatly increases the ability to use information to improve planning. A “technology stack” is essentially the group of software applications that helps a business to manage their core functions. With the universal growth of platforms powering marketing and business functions, the importance of a...

Lower Project Costs & Time of Technology Rollouts

White Paper By: Concert Technologies

The rapid deployment of multi-technology, multi-service, multi-site field rollouts requires well- defined processes, robust management skills, and a unique understanding of how to get the job done. Today's Technology Rollout Systems are a comprehensive, multi-technology, multi-service, multi-site system designed to meet varying project requirements in an ever-changing...

Project Driven Supply Chain

White Paper By: NexInfo Solutions, Inc

Project-Driven Supply Chain planning enables organizations​ to develop a single planning and execution strategy that enhances the accuracy of decision making and reduce the communication gap while working on the modern Supply Chain Management (SCM) tools. The adaptation and deployment of project driven supply chain planning & processes can help companies to achieve business...

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