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Proposal Automation Definition

Proposal automation is software that automates the process of developing proposals, presentations, and responses to proposal requests (RFPs).

Proposal automation and its software is a tool that increases sales efficiencies and allows users to create and manage important sales and marketing documents such as business proposals, welcome letters, contracts, and quotes. It is also available as a web or cloud service which can integrate with Customer Relationship Management software, accounting platforms, and electronic signature providers. Its main features include data share, communication, and collaboration, controlled access to proposals, multi-tier approval provision, storage and proposal retrieval, data validity control, proposal writing simplification, and brand compliance. 

The process of designing a computer program enabling users to develop proposals, responses, and presentations for request for proposal (RFP) is termed as proposal automation. To support the process, there are several proposal automation software available in the market.

The proposal automation software has gained immense popularity amongst business professionals who handle proposal writing projects on a daily basis. This kind of software allows executives to digitize their routine work. It allows users to design and control marketing and sales documentation like invitation letters, business proposals, contracts, and so on. The proposal automation software is also available as a cloud-based service and performs the operation through a digital document. The software can be integrated with Microsoft Office and Office 365, CRM Software, accounting platforms, and many more.

A proposal automation software is an efficient tool for sales as it helps to improve every cross-sell and upsell sales prospect. It takes lesser time to create and manage sales documents and delivers relevant information required in a sales cycle.

The sales enablement tool enables sales professionals to produce appropriate, personalized proposal documents, and then generate a produced version of the proposal to customers either in the form of a hard copy or an e-file or through an URL. Proposal documents can also be scanned for regulatory compliance by some of the proposal automation software. The software eliminates the need to write proposals from the beginning or copy a certain proposal language and the required details to a fresh document. It also manages proposal formatting so that business documents can be created spending unnecessary time. Docsend, Bidsketch, and Proposify are some of the sales proposal automation software. 

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