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Definition and Important Aspects

Quality Control or QC is the process where the quality of all factors regarding a product is evaluated or tested by an entity. ISO 9000 describes Quality Control as a part of quality management that focuses on fulfilling the quality requirements. Quality Control includes inspection of various aspects and most importantly product review where a product is inspected visually and often under a microscope for finer details before it is available to the external market for sale. The inspecting personnel is given a list and description of defective or unacceptable products which includes cracks and surface blemishes for example.

Quality Control puts emphasize on three basic aspects which includes

  • Elements like job management, various processes , performance and integrity or records

  • Knowledge, skill, qualifications or experiences

  • Soft elements like personnel, confidence, organizational culture, team spirit etc.

If any of these three aspects is not met properly in the company, the product is invariably at risk.

How to Implement Quality Control

  • An enterprise must decide on the specific standards that the products or services must meet before being released to the market for an effective Quality Control Program.

  • The extent (for example the percentage of product units that needs to be tested) of QC actions has to be decided once the products are ready.

  • The next step should be the collection of real tested data about the product if it has failed or passed and report it to the concerned authority or management.

  • A corrective measure has to be decided upon and taken after.

  • Lastly, the process must be a continuous one to ensure the satisfactory results.


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