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Real-time business intelligence is an approach towards delivering business intelligence (BI) or information about business operations right as they occur. The process takes place by means of data analytics enabling business users to get instant data by directly accessing operational systems into a real-time data warehouse and business intelligence system.

Real time refers to minimum latency and access to information whenever required. Today, Latencies are of three types: data latency, analysis latency, and action latency. Technologies that assist in RTBI consist of data virtualization, data federation, enterprise information integration (EII), enterprise application integration (EAI) and service-oriented architecture (SOA).


Transforming 64-Bit Windows to Deliver Software-Only Real-Time Performance

White Paper By: KINGSTAR

Today’s industrial PCs running 64-bit Windows, complemented by a separate scheduler on multi-core multiprocessors, can deliver that precise real-time performance on software-defined peripherals. The best way to smooth the task of implementing complex real-time software applications is to start with the right hardware environment. This whitepaper discusses how transforming 64-bit...

5 Real-Time, Ethernet-Based Fieldbuses Compared

White Paper By: KINGSTAR

Ethernet-based fieldbus standards have changed the game for machine builders. But with so many protocols competing to be most valuable and viable, how should you decide which to use? In this white paper, “5 Real-Time, Ethernet-Based Fieldbuses Compared,” we examine five different protocols that claim to offer the best price/performance open standard for real-time Ethernet...

Business Values Driving Business Applications With Real-Time Data

White Paper By: BP Logix

This white paper explains how business values enable you to drive your business applications with real-time data Driving Business applications with real-time data bring a new dimension to business values in building business applications. BP Logix came up with the intelligent Business Process Management (BPM) solutions for rapid application development, through data obtained from System of...

Real-time Engagement: A Modern Approach to Better Workplaces

White Paper By: HighGround

Executives, managers, and HR leaders are all overwhelmed with information about how to engage employees in a meaningful way, with countless educational sessions, webinars, books and blog posts. But engagement hasn’t changed much since it became a focus.Employee engagement should be a consistent, ongoing exercise. Read this whitepaper that illustrates:...

Place Enterprise Data at Your Customer's Fingertips with a Self-Service Mobile App

White Paper By: SAPinsider

Nearly every company is now reacting with a growing demand to create an enterprise mobility strategy that equips both employees and customers with easy access to key back-end information. At the same time, companies must ensure that any mobile app they roll out will integrate seamlessly with multiple back-end sources to deliver real-time access to order information, shipment notifications,...

Mobile Technology For Construction

White Paper By: Viewpoint Construction Software

Adopting a mobility strategy in construction enterprises is having a tremendous impact in transforming the workforce efficiencies. A good mobile technology solution will contribute significantly to a construction industry’s ability to better manage its own costs and, at the same time, pass the value on to its clients. Anyone interested in learning about how mobile technology can be...

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