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Reddit is a social platform which is a popular news association, web content rating and discussion website. Registered users vote their submissions, which determine the popularity of the content on the page. Its community members can submit content such as text posts or direct links.

Reddit Technology

Reddit was initially written in Common Lisp but in December 2005 it was rewritten in Python in order to provide wider access to code libraries and greater development flexibility. The python web framework that former reddit employee Swartz developed to run site—, is now available as open source project. With the anti spam/ cheating portions as exceptions all the code and libraries written for reddit became freely available on GitHub. Numerous Reddit applications for iOS exist such as—Karma, Upvote, iReddit, iPad-specific applications such as Reddzine and Biscuit, and, until April 2016, Alien Blue. In April 2016 Reddit released an official application known as Reddit. The application is available on Google Play and the iOS App Store post which Alien Blue was removed from the App Store in favor of the new app.


Reddit is made up of numerous subcommunities known as subreddits where every subreddit is on a particular topic as technology, politics or music. The front page is often composed of the most popular posts from each default subreddit. The default list is pre determined and includes the subreddits—“pics”, “funny”, “videos”, “news” and “gaming”.

Reddit aims at providing quality information on its front page. The site members, also known as redditors submit content, which is rated by other registered users as a result of which only the top rated content reaches the front page and reddit remains one of the most engagingly popular sites on the internet. To search and access a subreddit directly, one would need to type— name”.

Popular Trends in Reddit

ELI5—explain like I am 5

This is a term that is used by redditors when they want a very simple explanation to something. In other words this abbreviation demands an explanation which is like explaining a five year old or answering a toddler’s question.

TLDR or TL;DR— Too long Didn’t read

If a post or a comment is too longm, redditors often use TLDR at the end of it in order to let the writer know that the content is too long and needs to be shortened.

NSFW—Not Safe For Work

When an explicit post or comment is uploaded it is marked with NSFW to inform other editors that the post has explicit material, which is inappropriate to be viewed in work place or other places where explicit material would be unsuitable.

TIL—Today I Learned

When registered member on reddit want to share something, it is marked under the acronym TIL.

AMA— Ask me anything

Another name for Q&A or FAQ the ‘ask me anything’ is one of the most trending place on the website. Members here answer questions about their life or occupation. President Obama once on august 29th in 2012 participated in AMA and made headlines—since he was the first sitting president to do so.



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