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“Risk management is the way of identifying, measuring, and dealing with the threats to an organization's capital and earnings" 

Definition according to ISO 31000, "Risk management is the way toward assessing the chance of loss or damage and finding a way to battle the potential Risk. In a simple way". 

An example of risk management is the point at which a bank representative surveys a potential credit to figure out what the odds are that the purchaser won't be able to pay it back. And then choose how to continue to allow the advance and the amount to charge in premium.

An example of risk management is the point at which a man assesses the odds of having real vat charges and chooses whether to buy pet insurance.

There are different kinds of risk and risk management is the process that deals with them through identification, evaluation and proper handling.

Providing a total risk management solution

White Paper By: Zywave

Providing a total risk management solution is an important aspect for P&C brokers apart from focusing on coverage and obtaining the best price for your client. Clients are looking for brokers that can take on a trusted advisor role, helping them address their true business exposures and help mitigate their total cost of risk. With the right resources, one can offer prospects and clients...

Rethinking Recovery for Distributed and Cloud Databases: A Versioned Database Future

White Paper By: Datos IO

Enterprise-grade recovery capabilities for distributed and cloud databases is a necessity. It is no exaggeration to say modern enterprises cannot run without business applications and underlying databases. To unlock enterprise value from their data, organizations must be sure that the data can be managed and recovered over its lifecycle. It is imperative that businesses fill these data...

RFID:The Solution to Automating IT & Data Center Asset Management

White Paper By: Omni-ID

How to automate IT & Data Center Asset Management? As accuracy leads to efficiency, it is a necessity for organizations to increase the accuracy of their IT inventory whether it is for compliance, security or resource optimization. Unless the IT assets can be accurately tracked, organizations place their service, security and legal obligations related to managing those assets at risk....

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