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The amount a company derives from sales compared to a previous, corresponding period of time in which the latter sales exceed the former. For example, a company has experienced sales growth when its sales were $1 million in Q1 2009 and are $1.2 million in Q1 2010. Sales growth is considered positive for a company's survival and profitability. It may result in increased dividends for shareholders and/or higher stock prices.

There are five specific strategies you can deploy to grow sales now:

  • Increase Penetration in Existing Markets: Stick to your knitting and grow market share in what you do best already.

  • New Products Line Extensions: The second most popular strategy to grow sales is to extend the product line to a new complementary product that existing clients would be pleased you now offer.

  • New Client Segments: Focusing on new client segments will power strong growth. Observe and identify other activities your client is buying from others that you could make for them.

  • New Channels of Distribution: Assertively opening up new channels of distribution will increase sales. It will strengthen your brand and make your firm more impervious to the ups and downs of your existing channels.

  • New Services: Offer new services to your clients so they become more enamored with your firm. So, you are more "sticky" and harder to leave. Make sure the services are profitable. After you take into account the drawn out cash flow effect, you will see sales rise and your relationship solidified.

Data Diversity and Cutting-Edge Insight For Sales And Marketing

White Paper By: Aberdeen Group

Today, the challenge for many organizations is that the variety of data needed for many innovative analyses is often locked away within other functional areas. Even with the inherent value in traditional customer applications, presently most compelling insights are actually derived by combining multiple different types of disparate data. This whitepaper focuses specifically on the sales...

Death of the Salesman:Wholesale Distribution System in Retail

White Paper By: Pepperi

Has the wholesale distribution segment of the supply chain become an unnecessary step in the sales process with the constant advances in marketing technology and the rapid growth of consumer self-service sales? Or has a new opportunity been created?Is the salesman dead or just evolving? Expanding to wholesale and retail distribution, makes it possible to verify the quality of products and...

Sales and Operations Planning Process in Supply Chain

White Paper By: NexInfo Solutions, Inc

 Importance of an Effective Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Process in Supply Chain: Companies that have adopted Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) processes are gaining the visibility and agility to improve supply and demand matching, promotional planning, and product management. What is the need of Sales and Operations Planning(S&OP)...

Sales Process Management is Driving Bottom Line Results

White Paper By: Elastic Suite

Sales Process Management (SPM) is a key functionality that can lead to increased cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, ultimately contributing to enhanced sales growth revenue.  Choosing the right solution for Sales Management Process can make a tangible and quantifiable impact on a company’s bottom line and become a key driver of company’s profitability. Elastic, a...

How to Get Started with Inbound Sales

White Paper By: Kuno Creative

Inbound sales process is a consultative selling method that focuses on helping buyers to make a purchasing decision in order to build a non-intrusive relationship. Inbound sales is about sincerely guiding prospects to the right solution for their needs or problems and furthermore, helping them feel comfortable with their decision. Who is an inbound sales representative? How can a sales...

Choose the Right Sales Performance Management Tool

White Paper By: Imprezzio

An effective Sales and Performance Management tool should have a consistent, customizable template-based platform for managers to easily and consistently evaluate new talent from the application to the offer. Having the data be easily displayed in your Sales and Performance Management solution makes the whole process smooth, consistent and reliable. This whitepaper describes how powerful...

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