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Server Accelerator Card Definition

A Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) utilized to create encryption keys for safe transactions on e-commerce platforms is known as server accelerator card. Also, termed SSL Card this hardware accelerator deals with secure encrypted data transfer between a customer and a server. The server containing this card transfers all the safe transaction processing to the SSL card to diminish its processing load.

At the point when a safe transaction is initiated, the website's server sends its authentication, which has been given by a guaranteeing authority, to the customer machine to check the website's authenticity. After this exchange, an undisclosed key is utilized to encrypt all data transferred amongst the sender and receiver with the aim that all credit card information and personal data is secured.

This procedure can seriously over-burden a server bringing about fewer transactions processed every second, which implies lesser sales. The server accelerator card assumes control over this procedure, subsequently lessening the load on the server. Server accelerator cards support various security protocols that include Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

The SSL card is installed into the PCI slot of the server. A software driver is loaded, and the server is prepared to get orders. This is significantly simpler and more cost-effective than purchasing extra servers. Extra cards are installed as the server's secure transactions doubles.

There are additionally server accelerator appliances. These are external units that have SSL cards installed within them. The unit is then connected to the server. At the point when a secure transaction is spotted, the transaction is directed to the SSL acceleration unit for processing. The SSL accelerator appliances can be included as required by grouping them.

Therefore, to summarize, the SSL card is required for making secure transactions on e-commerce websites and does the following:

  • Accelerates the procedure of verifying the authenticity of a website through a guaranteed authority
  • Encryption key is generated
  • Data between sender and receiver is encrypted, assuring the security of all credit card data

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