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Shelfware is a term used for the software that has been purchased but never used.

Software, hardware, and computers are the essential tools for today’s businesses. Many businesses purchase these tools that exceed the normal needs. This could happen due to the need for the acquisition of discounts by making large purchases. Sometimes, companies buy very large sized software that turns out to be cumbersome and expensive to use on a regular basis hence they get shelved or locked up without ever being used.

However, there are instances where a business miscalculates the inventory needs and makes a large purchase which might go unused. There are even rarer circumstances where a software or hardware is manufactured solely for being shelved immediately. Therefore, the software, computers, and hardware that get stocked up or shelved are termed as shelfware.

How to Build Business Intelligence Software Into Your 2017 Budget

White Paper By: Sisense

Does your firm have a solid enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) solution? In recent years, Business Intelligence technology has evolved tremendously from IT-dependent reporting solutions to self-service, user-friendly, business-centric solutions.  As firms begin to consider enterprise BI, the first step is to take an inventory of existing technology. You may find it is money your...

Intranet Success: 3 Considerations for a Successful Intranet

White Paper By: Elcom

The intranet has been at the heart of businesses for many years and initially, the intranet was simply a way to connect all components within a business unit, company, or organization to one another. This whitepaper discusses the benefits that the intranet offers to modern businesses, highlighting the common problems that can be solved, the latest developments in the field, along with...

How to Evaluate and Buy a Social Intranet Solution That Everyone Will Use

White Paper By: Elcom

Choosing the right intranet solution is a critical decision. There is a great deal of choice in the intranet market, with a range of strong solutions incorporating multiple features and attractive designs as new offerings are emerging all the time. Every business has different needs and priorities and an intranet solution that is right for one company might not be right for another. This...

The Value Of Software-Based Video Codecs

White Paper By: Clear One

Software-based video codecs, for a variety of reasons, offers developers and users the flexibility needed to upgrade information and technology as it is needed, thereby eliminating expensive hardware. The advent of software-based codecs, compared to hardware-based codecs, offers value in many ways. This whitepaper provides insights that will help you to understand the value of...

IT Monitoring Software: Opsview Whitepaper

White Paper By: Opsview

In the present scenario, the field of IT monitoring has become very good at collecting status information and performance metrics from various endpoints. However, executive stakeholders are much more interested in the performance of people and processes than of CPU, memory, and throughput. With the new ability to model your applications and business services inside the monitoring tool, this...

Digital Business Platform 2.0

White Paper By: Software AG

Digitalization is the road of moving towards digital business and digital transformation, as well as the creation of new digital revenue streams and offerings while doing so. Through digitalization, a company’s digitized resources are transformed into new sources of revenue and operational gains. Businesses need to develop entirely new processes based on modern software architectures...

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