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Smart City

Smart cities are high-tech cities, which have its key infrastructure based on Information and communication technologies that help to establish a quality atmosphere for its residents. And by the advent of cloud, automation big data, machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and internet of things every country is rooting up for enabling smart cities for providing a quality atmosphere to their citizens and promoting their country to next level.

As everything in the smart city is sensor centered starting from construction of building to transportation people can be at ease. For instance, in the construction of building to avail the location it can be checked using sensors available in that city and when the building is constructed, they are enabled with sensors to provide safety, check the condition of the building and to provide real-time space management. Even transportation has been made easier with the smart city, the sensors locate the parking space for drives within no time and the payment can be easily done with their E-Wallet. It also helps to reduce the traffic by analyzing the traffic flows and modifying street lights.

The smart city has various rich benefits for its residents, enhancing almost everything, and the focal point of enabling smart city is to utilize the energy resources that are available today. The other motive for introducing smart cities are space management, fresh products, more jobs, security etc to boost up the lifestyle of citizens.

With the benefits a smart city offers, every citizen desires to be in a smart city, and by enabling a lot of smart cities in a country it stops migration and provides balance in the population of cities.

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