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Smart Process Applications Software 

When it comes to Business Process management efforts of a company done in a collaborative manner, a special software is used by the company to support this process. This software is known as the Smart Process Applications. Analysts at Forrester Research Inc coined this term of Smart Process Application.

With the increasing demand of businesses being fast moving and agile, a demand was felt of a business process software. With the smart process application software, it had become much easier to do business. It increases the pace of the business and also helps the employees to create, manage and do business in much easy and effective manner.

 A Smart Process Applications Software must have these key attributes:

  • Embedded awareness data that are of relevance to the business activities of the company.
  • For people to create relevant content for the activity, it should have a collaboration platform
  • For executing the business processes seamlessly and effectively, BPM tools should be present
  • The software should be capable of capturing documents, document output and document management
  • It should also have embedded analytical tool

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