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A social intranet has a combination of different social forum features that help employees of a firm to contact, interact and share knowledge with each other. The fundamental elements of social media are incorporated into the business sites of an enterprise’s intranet to attract and engage more social collaboration and knowledge share within the firm and their employees.

The range of social tools may vary from wikis, community forums, discussion pages, interactive blogs, social bookmarking and other various social media tools with at least some exposure from the home portal or the main intranet. A large number of enterprises and organizations are adopting social media tools to help their employees interact more freely and individually in an open environment for motivating them and addressing their predicaments.

Important Components

  • Contents: An important aspect of a social intranet is the flow of contents created for the employees and by the employees to express and address their problems and solutions within the company itself. It may take the form of a status update that is similar to the ones in social media or articles. This helps the employees engage with each other and the company more and simplify various internal problems.

  • Information: The vital point of the interaction is to bring forward the knowledge or information created by various employees or department of the company. Intranet in its social capacity has the capability to bring together information which will be a step forward towards innovation. The information shared will help more people become aware of the developments and facilitate the process of creation with new ideas. This may take the form of wikis and contribute to social awareness.

  • Communication: The importance of communication among the employees of a company will increase the efficiency of the whole institution. As people will be aware of various predicaments and there will always be a hearing body for the employees. Employees in their capacity to communicate will be able to

  • Collaboration: Communication is just a part of the collaboration. The main solution lies in the fact that employees and the employers will be able to work together to provide solutions, and information to various problems once they are brought to spotlight and then provide the right service for the betterment of the employees. When the internal problems of individual employees are eradicated, it creates more job satisfaction and evidently increases the efficiency and productivity of each member of staff.

  • Business data flow: It is a platform where workers can gather, share information and work to create better services and solutions for the company. The software that enhances the social networking of the business intranet provides the company with stock information and generates big data that can be used to enhance a company’s products and solutions. It helps employees to create, and analyze various data to increase the overall company services for the employees.

Social intranet is revolutionizing the understanding of employees’ social behavior in a business scenario that establishes itself in the complexity of trade process and analysis of data. 

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