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Social Media Networks 

In a world where everything runs through networking, social media networking has founded its own place. Social media networking which Is also called as a virtual community is nothing but an online platform that allows us to connect and communicate with people from all over the world. Social Networking Services (SNS) are Internet-based applications that allows us to share informations and ideas online through social media websites. Each social media may work on different aspects, but the main focus or goal is to make communication easy and to bring the whole world close. It works by creating one's own profile on a social media platform and finding people of their interest, build interactions and connect with them.

Though ‘Social media networks- A boon or bane’ is a topic that is under debate for a long period, it is definitely beneficial to any business irrespective of its size. It brings an organization or a product close to the people and allows to share contents faster and easier. It serves as a free promotion to any brand or organization and takes it to new eyes. It has made feedbacks easier that highly helps in developing the business.  It also helps in building a good relationship with the clients.

Paid Media Content Distribution: Inbound Marketer's Guide in 2016

White Paper By: Kuno Creative

Paid Content Distribution- The Inbound Marketers’ Way Paid content distribution is a bridge above the swelling sea of content that connects brands with target audiences to help the right information find the right people. But the real challenge is to create highly engaging, personalized content that delivers value to its intended audience. This whitepaper guides you on how to...

How to Get Started with Inbound Sales

White Paper By: Kuno Creative

Inbound sales process is a consultative selling method that focuses on helping buyers to make a purchasing decision in order to build a non-intrusive relationship. Inbound sales is about sincerely guiding prospects to the right solution for their needs or problems and furthermore, helping them feel comfortable with their decision. Who is an inbound sales representative? How can a sales...

Inbound Marketing: Buy in,Budgets & Best Practices

White Paper By: Kuno Creative

Buy-in, Budgets and Best practices needed for successful inbound marketing: Inbound marketing is not a single channel or a tactic, but a philosophy that drives your entire marketing strategy. Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than having the marketers go out to get the attention of the audience. This White Paper will help you understand:...

How to Generate More Leads and Build Brand Recognition

White Paper By: Blue Fountain Media

Generating more leads and building greater brand recognition can't be achieved without implementing the right digital marketing strategies. The best way to generate leads online is by implementing the right digital marketing strategies. But there are numerous different tactics and tools in digital marketing including social media and Email Marketing which companies are using...

Turn the Channel of Last Resort into a First-Rate Customer Experience

White Paper By: VoltDelta

With the explosion of new channels over the past decade, our customers are able to choose any number of ways to interact with us. For many, voice has become the channel they use when they need to escalate an issue; the channel of last resort.

Omni-channel commerce Making customer experience the new competitive advantage

White Paper By: Ameyo

Omni-channel commerce seems to be picking up steam across industries and has radically transformed the way companies do business. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, where buying processes are undergoing a radical transformation and switching costs are becoming virtually fictitious, companies that do not offer a superlative omni-channel experience are difficult to survive. This...

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