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Social networking is the practice of using internet-based applications to build new professional or personal contacts. As a concept, Social Networking helps to overcome communication setbacks and stay connected with peers and business communities across the borders. 

The most primitive form of social networking on the web began in the early 1990’s through online communities such as, Geocities, and 

These websites connected like-minded individuals across the world together through chat rooms, message boards and encouraged users to share personal information and ideas via these platforms.

The creation of ‘user profiles’ in social media, during the late 1990s, today has become the central idea for networking sites where users compile lists of "friends" and search for other users. The revelation of modern social networking sites changed the way the world interacted on web platforms. Some urge that the modern social networking encourages narcissistic behavior while others believe this modern way of interaction enhances self-worth. Many believe that every time an individual updates a status or uploads a photograph, he/she is contributing to their own digital footprint and building their personal brand.

Advantages of Social Networking for Marketers

The term ‘social network’ was initially coined to differentiate between business networks and personal socializing platforms. With the wide acceptance of social networking sites across different cultures and age groups, networking platforms have become a significant database for learning user behavior and targeting customers for marketing purpose.

Companies across the globe are using social media to advertise products, build customer loyalty, and gain more insights on target audience through data analysis. Interactions and feedback from end users are helping to comprehend the market from the end user perspective, and fine-tune the products and strategies. 

Social Impact

Social networking websites have had a tremendous impact on the culture, businesses, and the world at large. Social networking services make it possible to connect with people who share similar interests in politics, economics, and the general state of affairs. Today, even politicians have started realizing the power of social media; even the prominent ones can be seen to connect with the public through myriad social networking sites.

On a closer look of web-based networking services from a political standpoint, we see that these social media platforms have served as germinating ground for fierce mass movements globally. Websites such as LinkedIn are providing with specialized networking tools such as digital resume, helping job aspirants to find their dream job.


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