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Files and programs that form the operating system of a computer are referred to as system software. Assemblers, compilers, file management tools, system utilities and debuggers are the programs that fall under system software.

System software is a platform that helps application software run. Also, it is designed to manage the system resources. Unlike application software, system software is written in low-level language. A system is unable to run without system software.

Types of system software:

  • Operating system software- it is a program designed to run other programs. Examples- general purpose O.S, special purpose O.S, single user O.S, multiple user O.S. etc.

  • Language translator- it converts high-level language to machine-level language. Compiler, interpreter, and assembler re the three types of system software

  • Utility software- it is designed to analyze, configure, optimize and maintain a computer. Antivirus is an example.

Functionality of system software:

  • The basic input/output system(BIOS) helps the computer get started and manages the data flow between OS and attached devices like mouse or keyboard

  • The OS is loaded in RAM with the help of boot program.

  • Basic computer instructions are converted into bits by assembler so that it can be processed by the OS

  • Devices like mouse or keyboard, attached to the computer are controlled by the device driver.


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