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Technology Definition

Technology is a common buzzword that refers to applied sciences; it may be devices, processes equipments or procurement of information. The term is derived from the Greek word ‘Tekhnologia’ which translates to being ‘systematic treatment’ in English. Technology is present around the man in multiple devices and tools which make technology an unavoidable necessity. It plays a diverse role in various industries e.g. the need for communication technology varies from the need for medical technology vastly. Technology also serves as one of the basic survival needs of today. However, the list is never ending, since technology is used as part of one’s daily life and each and everything appliances that we use has technology involved in it.

Since we use technology to accomplish various tasks, it can be so simple or so complex; technology comes in different types. Types of technology include information technology, banking technology‎, medical technology, digital technology‎, industrial technology and much more.

Use of Technology

To list out few use cases, a manufacturing industry uses technology on various platforms. Banks uses technology for large scale storage of information from processing and finding details of a particular customer or client and using that information it does various works such as financing etc. One of the most important uses of technology is in the field of business. Technology is used by businessmen to reach their customers and enhance opportunities of getting better clients. It is important for businessmen these days to know the importance of ROI (Return on investment) which refers to better planning on how to gain higher profits. Moreover, technology these days is being put to a very new use, which includes maintaining interpersonal relationships or building new ones.

Technology in Daily Life

Technology is the use of scientific knowledge for creating tools, processing actions and extracting of materials whether in industry or in our everyday lives.

We apply technology in nearly all things that we do in our lives, we use technology at work, in communication, transportation, making food, extracting and securing information, running an organization and many more tasks, pretty much everywhere.

People all over the world are connected with friends and family or are making new friends by using various applications on the internet, which enable them to live a virtually social life and be connected to their loved ones through an efficient medium. Video conferencing is one of the easiest and reliable way to depend on technology in terms of relationships. Social networking platforms aid ones reach in society and make it possible to interact with people on such a huge platform. However faster emails and free calls have helped in easing communication across the world, people are still relying on these artificial modes of communication because of the technology which is must faster and more reliable than the traditional methods of communication.Technology is also used to procure information, process data or make life easier for users through ground-breaking and useful gadgets and mobile devices.

Technology: The Conclusion

In conclusion to the topic, it can be said that technology hugely depends on how it is being used by an individual. It can vary from person to person e.g. it could prove useful and positive for every individual, hence using it for a particular purpose is and within a limit is always best, rather than being over-dependent on it. Technology can be termed as a virtual life- being as neutral and vast as life is. It is prone to being put to diverse usage, depending on the various individual’s requirement. By becoming more and more technologically advanced, man is exposing life to larger threats which is an inevitable part of being in this era.

When technology is used to build some new products it can be profitable for human lives as well as harmful if wrongly applied. We can say “If any technology product can solve a single problem; it has the potential to create ten new problems”.

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