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Test cycle’s increasing role in boosting the productivity and efficiency of the R&D has come to make it an integral part of the software lifecycle. It has come to be widely incorporated to remove the repetitive tasks across the lifecycle of software development. However, just a mere adoption of the test cycle is not enough to boost the life cycle, the time period for  the testing process  constitutes a major factor  in determining the efficiency and productivity of software development. Thus, has emerged the concept of testing cycle time.

Testing cycle time in simple words refer to the time elapsed for the testing process of a given software system. The lesser the time required for testing, more efficient is the software development.However, reducing the testing cycle time is a difficult process as a number of factors within the testing process are beyond the control of the testers. Many companies, thus, have started analyzing the testing process and are developing models of test duration, ultimately resulting in shorten test cycles.

As test data constitutes an important component of the test cycle, any strategy or model for shortening the testing cycle time requires a  great deal of attention to the test data. A testing data which is realistic, right sized, scenario specific and created in a testing environment can contribute a great deal in increasing the quality of the test cycle and resulting in the overall shortening of the testing period.

An important development in the testing process has come to be its automation. With the conventional manual testing amounting to high costs, time consumption and repetitiveness, automated testing involving the use of advanced software tools have come to enhance the testing cycle and exponentially shorten the time elapsed for testing. Automation has helped in freeing up the testing team, providing them more time and resources in accentuating to those directions which require an inextricable manual attention and specialized human skills.


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