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Transport Management System Definition

The key for any business to be ahead of the competition is to ensure prompt and unscathed delivery, inbound as well as outbound, of their products or materials. Undoubtedly, it requires supervision of even the minutest details from choosing a carrier to the route taken. A well developed Transportation Management System (TMS) is typically a subset of the supply chain management of an enterprise and assists an enterprise in taking away the load from their shoulders and manage transport from origin to destination efficiently and reliably.

An extensive TMS software not only helps in choosing the best mode and route of transport for international as well as domestic transportation but also manages to track transportation in real time, load optimization, freight audit, and payment along with several other functions. But that is not all. The primary objective of companies for employing a TMS is to reduce the cost of freight. As an application, it provides several forms of optimization by processing and analyzing the existing data, which is not provided by any other supply chain management system. It provides the user with leverage to gain maximum ROI from the business as well as ensuring customer satisfaction by continually imparting flawless deliveries.

Generate Instant Value With SAP Transport Management System (SAP TMS)

White Paper By: Novigo

Generate Value from your SAP Transport Management System (SAP TMS) through product demonstrations, proof-of-concepts, feasibility studies and end-to-end implementations. SAP Transportation Management Systems offers a variety of processes and functions that customers can implement over time to extract value. This descriptive whitepaper defines transportation value criteria and ties them to...

The Economics of Transportation Management Systems

White Paper By: CTSI-Global

Transportation management systems economics can aid in the tasks of moving materials through the ability to quickly process the massive amount of data and variables and supply the information that logistics professionals need to make quick, accurate and cost effective decisions. Transportation costs are one of the biggest expenditures for companies, and these costs continue to increase....

Using Transportation Optimization Software to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

White Paper By: UltraShipTMS

Transportation Optimization is a strategy being adopted in greater measure by companies of all sizes. Grappling with volatility in demand as well as increasing transportation-related costs, businesses are looking to supply chain management solutions such as emerging transportation optimization software to help drive and maintain competitive advantage. Do you want to know what are the...

Three Ways Shipping Can Improve Margins for Retailers

White Paper By: ShipHawk

Are you implementing smart shipping practices to step out of your geographic comfort zone and allow your business to broaden your customer base? This free whitepaper on shipping profitablity guides on: What shipping tactics may attract more traffic and purchases? Right way to examine your shipping process to drive profitability. Why your business can...

Why Choose Acumatica?

White Paper By: Acumatica

Acumatica is a web-based financial and business management system that can improve the productivity of your organization. The software Acumatica runs on servers in your private network or hosted on the Internet so it can be used from anywhere. Acumatica is designed to be used by any size company- from small companies with specialized requirements through large companies with multiple...

Regional Carriers:A Sound Shipping Strategy to Control Transportation Costs

White Paper By: ADSI

Without a doubt, there are numerous benefits that can be realized by adding regional carriers to your portfolio including reduced operational costs. Savvy companies are meeting the demands of increasingly dynamic delivery network and gaining a huge advantage by adding regional carriers to their distribution network in reducing the transportation costs. And the result? Flexible, reliable...

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