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Unified Threat Management(UTM) Definition

Unified threat management is a method of security management provided through a single management console which permits administrators to manage and monitor numerous security-related applications and infrastructure component. UTM comprises of multiple functions such as anti-virus, content filtering, web filtering and anti-spam. Companies face challenges like phishing and spam attacks, Trojan, spyware-infected files and so on. Using multiple devices to face these multiple challenges will be difficult when the resources and budget are limited and it adds to the complexity of managing all of these under one umbrella. UTM is a single system that offers a solution to all these issues in a less budget and easy-to-use manner.

UTM is a single system that aids to secure networks from malware, viruses or malicious attachments through the process of scanning the incoming data with the help of Deep Packet Inspection. It prevents the attacks before they enter the network by examining the packet headers. With the function of web filtering, UTM prevents the access to unnecessary websites. Additionally, UTM has the ability to automatically undergo updation with the latest advancements and new features, therefore it requires only a minimum manual intervention after the initial set-up. These systems are normally purchased as a network appliance or a cloud service which strengthens the overall security of the company. The major advantage of this system is that it aids in the reduction of complexity, on the other hand the major disadvantage is that the appliance has the probability to become a single point of failure (SPOF).   

Product Authentication In The Digital Age

White Paper By: i-Sprint Innovations

Product Authentication technologies are essential in the digital age to all genuine products and packaging. The proliferation of e-Commerce has forced manufacturers to look beyond traditional brick-and-mortar stores for cost-effective means to product's authenticity or select further product information. Digital solutions for product authentication do not require any additional...

Cloud security solution to protect your network and ensure compliance without breaking the bank

White Paper By: Qualys [NASDAQ: QLYS]

Today, the cloud-based security services are expected to be a “new area of growth.” The adoption of cloud solutions is driven by the need to innovate, simplify and cut costs. Avoiding the cost and the complexity of traditional software is one of the reasons why cloud services has become a mainstream delivery method for security solutions. This whitepaper explains how you can use...

SAP Cyber Security in Figures: Global Threat Report 2016

White Paper By: ERPScan

How aware people are about SAP cyber security, regardless of how widely SAP in this region are implemented? This whitepaper shows a high level overview of SAP security in figures so that the problem area is not just theoretically comprehensible but based on actual numbers and metrics – from the information about the number of found issues and their popularity to the number of...

Collective Measures Against the Invisible: Cyber Security and The Data Management Ecosystem

White Paper By: Delta Group

The increasing volume and sophistication of cyber security threats including targeting phishing scams, data theft, and other online vulnerabilities, demand that we remain vigilant about securing our organization. The current cyber security risks that are top-of-mind, the risks that aren’t, and the ecosystem that’s coalescing to form defensive—and offensive—measures...

Compliance and Beyond: Future-proofing your password policy

White Paper By: SPECOPS

With password security policies and best practices in constant flux, our effectiveness in safeguarding our organization requires scrutiny. Unfortunately, the regulatory bodies we must abide by do not always pave a clear direction. This is where our own judgment must fill in the gaps. When it comes to password security policy, it is always a good rule of thumb to take a segmented approach...

Buyer’s Guide: Self-service Password Reset Solution

White Paper By: SPECOPS

If you have identified the need for a self-service password reset solution, you are likely familiar with the cost-savings, usability, and security benefits. The next step is identifying the criteria to use when evaluating the desired outcome of your investment. A self-service password reset and management solution not only reduces the number of help desk password tickets but also...

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