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The term is an acronym for "coder/decoder". A codec is a gadget or program capable of performing encoding and decoding of an advanced information stream or signal, typically speech, sound or video. A video codec is an electronic circuit or program that compresses or decompresses advanced video. It translates uncompressed computerized video to a compressed configuration or the other way around. In communication engineering, the term codec is utilized as a part of a reference to integrated circuits, or chips that perform data exchange. This sort of codec joins analog to- digital conversion and digital to analog conversion functions in a chip.

Features of Codec   

Lossy Compression

When searching for manageable document sizes, lossy compression is the most practical technique accessible. While quality is lost in sound, video, or both, the compression is an important aspect of a world ruled by the need to share and store what might add up to impractical record sizes. The normal Blu-ray, for instance, can surpass 40 gigabytes, and that kind of storage room would be costly and make computerized downloads and purchases arduous. The key to utilizing lossy compression is to settle on the most elevated quality compression design for your planned utilize, with the goal that end users walk the scarcely discernible difference between loss of value, and document size.

Lossless Compression

Lossless compression works much like a ZIP or RAR document in that in which the compressing and decompressing of the record is basically the same. Through utilization of savvy calculations, the document doesn't lose much quality, yet it's not a productive approach to storing expansive records on the grounds because not much compression really happens.

Also is it important to take note that codecs aren't only for compression of sound and video documents? Once a document has been encoded utilizing a particular codec, that same codec must be utilized to decipher the file with the end goal for it to play on every gadget. Not utilizing the right codec is the thing that prompts most of the gadget similarity or playback issues. This issue is winding up lately as modern containers frequently incorporate the required sound and video codecs expected to play the record.

Popular Codec


DivX is a monetarily sold codec, while XviD is an open source utility intended to work as another option for its business. Both codecs can decipher the yield of alternate, as they are both based on the execution of MPEG-4.


MPEG-4 is the most widely recognized format and it comprises of many parts, of which just MPEG-4 Part II is utilized for video coding. MPEG-4 Part II approaches video encoders, for example, DivX or XviD with a specific end goal to encode the video, while the sound is normally conveyed in MP3 design. Present day updates to MPEG-4 are currently utilizing H.264 also.


It is the most prevalent decision for top-notch material. H.264 is also an important feature of the codec world as it can use both lossy and lossless compression depending upon the settings and lets users pick when encoding, for example, outline rate, quality, and target record measure. H.264 depends on x264 for encoded video (others, for example, DivX or XviD), and the sound is often encoded utilizing AAC or MP3 sound codecs relying upon the size and quality you're focusing on.

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