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Video Technology Introduction

The evolution of video technology can be traced back to 1895 to the first camcorders in the 1980s; the whole concept of video has gone through a paradigm shift. Today, the concept of video has reached a different level to 4k resolution and stereoscopic 3D graphics. The pioneers of video technology have continued to invent the new and exciting way to create and capture moving images for better quality. Video was first developed for mechanical television systems that got upgraded to cathode ray tube systems and later it was replaced by flat panels of different types with better display and output quality.

How is Video Technology useful?

With the advancement in technology, the whole concept of video has changed and reached a dimension of modern digital output which not only provides better quality but also enhances interactive features. Digital video captures moving visual images with analog signals in the form of encoded digital data/binary data. It has a professional level of accuracy in detailing pictures and provides options so that video can be manipulated and developed further after the original material has been recorded.

The development of high definition video in last few years has a significant impact on how video is being transmitted with different standardization of formats such as 720p, 1080i and 1080p. Even in the field of medical science, video technology has played a significant role in capturing images that were not possible earlier to have minute details of the organs that are affected. Recent studies convey that high definition video technology has gained immense acceptance as a tool for improving diabetes management. Today, with the development of modern handset devices, video technology enhances calling process with better video capturing at a real time. Therefore, with course of time the entire endeavour of video technology has changed and reached a level of naturalistic experience, which continues to grow further with better quality along with endurance. 

Marketer’s Guide to Video Technology

White Paper By: Elcom

Viewers increasingly expect the engagement online video offers, and the video technology is now sufficiently mature that cost-effective solutions exist for almost every use case. Whether you choose to go free, open-source, or with a commercial Online Video streaming Platform (OVP) provider, it’s almost certain there is a mix of products and services to suit your business. This...

The Value Of Standalone Video Endpoints

White Paper By: Clear One

Standalone video endpoints are now available to allow organizations to grow their adoption of video conferencing and offer easy to use, full-featured, technology. These systems are designed for small and medium-sized organizations or for secondary sites of larger enterprises. The concept of standalone endpoints marries well with the BYOD (bring your own device) trend and can reduce cost and...

The Value Of Software-Based Video Codecs

White Paper By: Clear One

Software-based video codecs, for a variety of reasons, offers developers and users the flexibility needed to upgrade information and technology as it is needed, thereby eliminating expensive hardware. The advent of software-based codecs, compared to hardware-based codecs, offers value in many ways. This whitepaper provides insights that will help you to understand the value of...

Video Analytics Platform for Big Data

White Paper By: AvidBeam Technologies

Why You Should Use intelligent Video Analytics platform?? An intelligent video analytics platform can help you to handle massive amounts of video or image input data and produce results in real time. The complex process of converting unstructured video data to a structured visual realization in a parallel context can be done with Big Data Video Analytics easily. So would you...

Video Bridging Solution Promises New Level of Design Flexibility and Innovation


Video bridging solution for embedded video system that delivers a new level of high performance in low power and compact interface bridges that can convert incompatible interfaces between cameras, displays and processors, combine multiple video stream inputs into a single interface output, or split video streams into multiple interfaces is the need today. Video bridging service offers...

Driving Adoption of Video Conferencing

White Paper By: Clear One

Dynamic changes in the global communications environment – decreasing network and equipment costs and the need for businesses to compete in a global economy – continue to propel the adoption of video conferencing at a rapid rate. For those organizations who have found video conferencing of value, the process they followed to drive adoption helped make video conferencing a...

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