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Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine is an operating system or a software program which performs the task and provides functionality such as running application and programs on a separate computer. Due to the growth of data visualization, virtual machine is becoming more common as it helps in performing different tasks.

Virtual machine is classified into two categories.

  1. System Virtual Machine: It supports in sharing the physical resources between various virtual machines. They provide the features of functionality which help in executing the operating system.

  2. Process Virtual Machine: These virtual machines are designed to provide a platform independent environment which executes the computer programs successfully.

There are various advantages of a virtual machine such as:

  • It allows operation of various operating systems on the single physical computer without any invention.
  • Generally, Virtual Machines are cost-effective and easy to maintain and manage.
  • Virtual Machines mostly use hardware which lowers the maintenance cost, reduce power and lowers the quantities of hardware.

There are also various disadvantages of virtual Machines such as:

  • The virtual machines are not so much efficient as compared to the physical computer because the hardware resources are being distributed in an indirect way.
  • When multiple virtual machines run on a single physical machine it results in unstable performance.

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