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Vulnerability Management Definition

Vulnerability management is one of the key process that comes under security of every company. This process consists of a cycle of events to prevent IT vulnerabilities. Simply this process helps to identify and rectify the security risks of a company.

The process of vulnerability management includes a cycle of events. They are

  • Checking: Here the network assets are found and categorized into different classes like vulnerabilities, configuration, patch state, compliance state, and inventory. This process can be done by a firewall logging, regular network scanner, and penetration testing or automated tool like vulnerability scanner. With the updating world no system never remains the same hence information about network assets should be constantly refreshed.

  • Identifying and Verifying: Identification always results in different outcomes and different audiences (servers, applications, networks, or other systems.) This management operates based on prioritization since every minute problem can’t be reported. And hence arranges the problem according to prioritization. This process makes a record of every problem and it is later used in company’s risk management.

  • Mitigating: In this process the vulnerability is being exploited before the recovery or in the situation where no recovery is available. In this process the risky part alone is taken off-line from the affected system. By doing this the system risk is diminished but the vulnerability is still there.

  • Recovery: The process of getting remedy to the affected system. This process may be automatically done by the available Recovery tools or a usual testing method.

Best Practices for Selecting a Vulnerability Management (VM) Solution

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A complete Vulnerability Management (VM) solution can monitor your environment, enabling you to discover devices running in your network, and determine whether they are vulnerable to attack. The VM solution helps you to find fixes to the underlying problems, and protect yourself while those fixes are being implemented. This whitepaper provides insights on the best practices that will save...

An Insider's Guide to Easy SAP Audits

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SAP Audit Management helps to detect and correct risks to proper governance. The key to exception-free SAP audits is to maintain complete records and eliminate possible threats to record integrity. When auditors see you’ve done that, SAP audits become just another part of the normal IT process. This whitepaper on “An Insider’s Guide to Easy SAP Audits,” is a...

SAP Cyber Security in Figures: Global Threat Report 2016

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How aware people are about SAP cyber security, regardless of how widely SAP in this region are implemented? This whitepaper shows a high level overview of SAP security in figures so that the problem area is not just theoretically comprehensible but based on actual numbers and metrics – from the information about the number of found issues and their popularity to the number of...

Vulnerability Management Maturity Level Control Security Risk Attacks and Data Breaches

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An organization’s vulnerability management maturity level is related to their ability to drive out security risk from their operations. The purpose of this model is to help organizations gauge their level of maturity with respect to their vulnerability management processes and their security maturity risk level. What truly is vulnerability management? Vulnerability management is a...

SAP Authorization Logic - Where Did it All Go Wrong?

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Although SAP Authorization concept has been widely followed in many software development environments, some of the enterprises are still facing issues to understand it. They often think that the purpose of SAP authorization objects is to restrict certain organizational levels and they can protect SAP systems by removing and assigning transaction codes to users.The reality is however...

Information Sharing with SOPHIA “People, Process, and Technology”

White Paper By: Covenant Security Solutions, Inc

Information Sharing with SOPHIA has become an important aspect for organizations to improve the protection of their systems, process, or people based on the regional threat. By integrating SOPHIA's information sharing processes, it becomes easy for firms to share information on related risk profiles using modular functions. If you want to improve the protection of systems and processes...

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