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Wireless Web Definition

The wireless web alludes to the utilization of the World Wide Web through wireless devices, such as a cellular telephone or PDA. The wireless Web is a move towards providing users with the desktop experience in the new generation of mobility. It is a promise of picture-perfect connectivity and, multimedia interactivity and reciprocity while on the move. Wireless Web connection offers any location connected to e-mail, instant messaging, mobile banking, travel weather and traffic information, and other web services. Particularly sites that are looking to attract wireless users must ensure that they deliver services in a visual format that is conveniently displayable on average size wireless devices.

The term mobile web in relation to the wireless web defines it as a channel for distribution of web content, which provides and designs content to the users in awareness of the mobile context. The mobile context is depicted by the nature of personal user information needs like updating of a personal blog, seeking travel information, gaining instant news update etc, constraints of mobile phones – screen size, keypad input, and special capabilities like location, and connection types such as 3G, 4G or WLAN.

Wi-Fi hotspots and wireless LANs are options for wireless Internet connectivity, that promote the wireless web. In these cases, Internet connectivity is typically delivered to a network hub via a wired connection like satellite, cable, DSL or fiber optics and then made available to wireless devices via a wireless access point. The demand for high- speed wireless data with greater expediency, access, visual and dynamic content without any compromise in security or error has become the USP for most telecom companies.

RFID and Asset Management

White Paper By: E-ISG Asset Intelligence LLC

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has evolved significantly, from a niche technology to a widely adopted asset tracking and identification solution for better RFID asset management. RFID technology is providing new levels of visibility, enabling new applications and opening new markets. This white paper on RFID technology provides insights on how RFID asset management have...

Business Class Next Generation Mobile Data Services

White Paper By: DataXoom Corp

Next generation mobile applications and services and technologies to transform your business: Mobile data traffic is at an all-time high, and its growth shows no signs of slowing. In response to the changing requirements and to enable the richer experience users expect, the mobile community is evolving new standards for the next generation mobile data services and technologies . What...

Network Intelligence:Why the Cloud is the Network?

White Paper By: Doyle Research

Network intelligence based in the cloud enables IT organizations to quickly, easily, and securely adapt their network to the new cloud-oriented traffic flows. SD-WAN technology delivers the network intelligence required to increase remote work force with cloud-based applications and data. Read this whitepaper, “Why the Cloud is the Network”, to learn how to leverage the cloud as...

The Evolution to Local Content Delivery

White Paper By: PeerApp

Local content delivery is advancing to go beyond content caching to include other capabilities that optimizes network for quality and cost. Local content delivery offers an open CDN-like layer that sits within and augments next generation broadband networks, resolving the performance and scale bottlenecks seen in today’s global content delivery platform. Read this “The Evolution...

Achieving truly secure communications with DECT-compliant solutions

White Paper By: Plantronics

Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication (DECT) is a 1.9 gigahertz technology which is often referred to as being “interference-free” since it does not share spectrum with other technologies such as Wi-Fi networks. It utilizes a dedicated part of the wireless spectrum to provide high levels of security and audio quality in enterprise office and home environments. This...

Plantronics Manager Pro Security Overview

White Paper By: Plantronics

Plantronics takes security seriously and understands how important the responsibility of safeguarding data is to the customers, and takes comprehensive measures to protect them. Plantronics contracts with respected security firms who perform regular audits of the Plantronics Manager Pro services to verify that its security practices are sound, and to monitor its services for new...

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