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Workflow Introduction

In general terms, a workflow is the series of actions required to be taken in order to complete a task. Each workflow has a set of instructions arranged sequentially, which guides an individual while he conducts a task. These instructions include locations of documents, or details of other information, which the individual will require in the completion of the task.

Defferent types of workflow

There are three kinds of workflows, depending upon the method of processing. A Linear Workflow is a simple set of instructions from start to finish that proceeds from one step to the next. The second kind is named State Machine Workflow, which usually works with reference to a ‘State’ and can go back to one or more steps if required. The third kind of workflow, Rules-Driven Workflow is framed using a set of preset rules, for tasks that require data capture or automatic task reassignment if necessary.

Objective behind creating workflows

The main objective of creating workflows lies in the fact that a work environment can be made more productive if a set of instructions are defined beforehand enabling interactions between teams and executives. Making use of workflows helps in enhancing transparency and efficiency in work processes, prompter responses, which finally results in high profitability.

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